There is an abundance of marketers piling out of Colleges (Universities) around the world, having completed four years of arduous learning mostly from professors who may have never set foot in a significant corporation and held a position of CMO, Marketing Director, VP of Marketing or anything other that would give them the experience to show their students what it takes to be a marketer in today's world.
The talent hunt for tech-savvy marketers

I know this, because we have hundreds of marketers that we interview straight out of College (University) who have not ever heard of marketing automation, let alone know what its about. They think PR is events, and are completely shocked when they find out that PR is actually writing press releases, pitching it to media and watching it get published, or writing a blog, guest blogging and sharing the content on medium that gain exposure for the company that they work. Of course, I have shortened what PR is for the purpose of this blog, but I am sure you get the drift.

The format of education has to be changed if we are to produce graduates that are ready for the workforce. 

As an owner of a marketing agency with offices in Atlanta, Dallas, Seattle, Denver, Sydney, Melbourne and Brisbane - I know more so than most how important it is for marketers to at the very least know the basics. 

The role of marketing within an organization has invariably changed to accommodate the importance of technology and analytics in the marketing mix. People wanting to be marketers now need to understand the role of technology in marketing to be able to perform any marketing role that is worthwhile. If you don't know how to increase engagement on social media, use marketing automation software, engage through customer relationship management software and work how who is reading your email marketing letters and what their interests may be - then you are not going to be relevant in any marketing department I know.

Interview questions for buddying marketing executives have to change. HR need to be better briefed on what marketing is and what role it plays within organizations. Senior marketers are responsible not only for marketing, but its impact on revenue and this transformation in ownership is one that many marketers are still dipping their toes in.

So, if you are a marketer out there and only know a little bit of this and a little bit of that when it comes to technology - pull your socks up. Start educating yourself and sit in on a few webinars. I guarantee it will be game-changing for your career!

Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a leading marketing expert having pioneered two specialist marketing firms into operations all over the world.

With 20 years experience, Mellissah has worked with over 200 companies, emerging and large multinational, on developing and executing strategic marketing campaigns.

From developing strategic marketing plans to re-inventing old brands in a changing market place, Mellissah has creative flair, business acumen and a knowledge of all aspects of marketing. She has also worked extensively in marketing and communications for companies listing on the ASX in both the small cap and large corporate arenas.

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