I first came to the Netherlands in 1993 and it is a country that I have had the privilege of visiting more than 20 times.

When I opened my first marketing company, Insomnia, one of my first clients was Alcatel’s Genesys, and the President of the company back then lived in the Netherlands. He went on to own one of the most successful companies in Rotterdam, VANAD Group in the customer engagement sector.
Marketing Eye Goes Dutch

After being drawn to this country for so many years, I have decided to open an office and start our European expansion from Rotterdam. It is one of the most exciting times in my life, as my family were born in Europe and that connection is very personal and important.

Marketing Eye first embarked on global expansion only four years ago. We set out to open offices in the US market, and have done so successfully. Over that time, we have won many accolades including:

• Top 100 Influencer in Entrepreneurship (globally)
• Number 2 marketer to follow on Twitter
• Top 10 Marketing Technology firms in New York
• Top 20 Marketing Solution Providers
• Top 100 Marketer to follow on any medium
• Top Businesswoman in Oceania
We have received these accolades without entering awards, as that isn’t what we do, but nevertheless, we feel privileged to have received such recognition.

As a company we offer so much more than just an outsourced marketing department; we also offer the benefits of technology, systems, processes and media that ensures our company stands out from the crowd and gives all of our clients the best possible service, and promotion.

We have worked with local companies in the Netherlands for some years, and most recently with Boon Edam. They too have grown globally and exceeded expectations.

We are looking to work with companies that are looking for high growth, and particularly companies that are seeking to expand to the US or Australian markets, as we have offices that can support your growth.

You won’t need to hire local marketing or public relations professionals as we have people on the ground.

If you are interested in finding out how we work, our services and relevant costs, please do not hesitate to contact Tirza Wildeboer by emailing This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
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