There are so many things that entrepreneurs do right, and often it is for the world to see. Yet there are still some things that we don't quite get right. 2016 is going to be a huge year. There is so much in store and while we all focus on business, the Government has a few headaches not just with stimulating economic growth, but ISIS and climate change. 
10 Things you need to do right as an entrepreneur in 2016

The latter effects us all whether we like it or not, and also effects our businesses.

With that in mind, it is more important than ever before to put all the "right" things into play. They include:

  1. 2016 business plan must be ready to be implemented on January 1, 2016. If not, forget it.
  2. Employees are changing and with the new breed of employee coming into the game, employers need to adapt how they engage employees, and develop a strategy for the different types of employees that make up a company's culture. For us, it means ensuring that employees that have been here a long time and are more seasoned get what they need out of their roles, and the newer employees see our workplace as fresh, innovative and collaborative. 
  3. Add more technology to the equation. Why many companies feel that there is only so much technology they can possibly use, in our business there are so many new marketing technologies that are coming into play and are making our clients connect with prospects in a more intuitive, automated way - that we really cannot ignore anything that goes to market.
  4. Celebrate successes in a way that is conducive to a culture that is full of winners.
  5. Ensure that your business model is relevant and not yesterday's version of who you should be.
  6. Put budget aside for a rainy day - and get rid of any business loans as fast as you can.
  7. Employ people that are culture first and technical skills second. 
  8. Make sure your onboarding program is seamless and makes new employees feel like they have made the right choice for their careers.
  9. Take more risks that are calculated by slightly daring.
  10. Don't be afraid of change. If your business doesn't evolve, then you certainly won't.

Running a business in 2016 is exciting. You never know what is outside the door, but you can definitely plan for the unknown and make sure your business strategy is in place.

Employees are everything. Train them well. Give them reason to believe in your brand. Share your vision and goals. Give them direction that allows them the freedom to challenge it and make it their own. Provide people with empowerment and growth opportunities that they wouldn't get elsewhere. Set daily goals and get your whole team no matter how big or small it is, working towards the same goals. Often when you set small goals, they become big wins.

At Marketing Eye, everyone is excited about the future and where we are heading as a company. We have the power to be the most significant player in small to medium sized business marketing in the world - and each and person believes in this. Not a bad way to end a year - huh? 
Mellissah Smith

Mellissah Smith is a leading marketing expert having pioneered two specialist marketing firms into operations all over the world.

With 20 years experience, Mellissah has worked with over 200 companies, emerging and large multinational, on developing and executing strategic marketing campaigns.

From developing strategic marketing plans to re-inventing old brands in a changing market place, Mellissah has creative flair, business acumen and a knowledge of all aspects of marketing. She has also worked extensively in marketing and communications for companies listing on the ASX in both the small cap and large corporate arenas.

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